Host a vertical party!

There's nothing like "climbing the walls" to make you feel young and happy. Not looking forward to your next company picnic? Try your next event at the Romper Room.

Guaranteed your staff will remember it for years.

Make a statement this year. Go vertical!

Kids Parties

Kids love Birthdays, and kids love to climb! Why not bring the two together at the Romper Room.

Our "Vertical Party Package" is set up for 5 or more kids to get two hours of climbing fun. Our competent staff will do all the rope work and help you along the way! After climbing, you get one hour in our "party room". Feel free to bring your own food or goodies along. We have a fridge and freezer to keep your food fresh. 

**Please book your climbing session 48 hours in advance!**

Romper Room parties are always a hit with kids of all ages!

$100 for 5 kids $15/additional climber (+GST)

Birthday Parties get 10% off at Chico's Pizza! 758-1999