New Procedure FAQ

How will the booking system work?

We are currently getting an online booking system up and running. You will need to book a two hour time slot and can arrive anytime within the two hour slot. Please be aware of time and leave the gym by the end of your allotted time.

Can kids climb?

At this time, children under 12 are not permitted to climb unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is a 1 adult-1 child ratio rule. The adult must be belay-certified.

Do I have to wear a mask?

At this time, we are suggesting all visitors to wear a mask. Masks will be mandatory the first slot of everyday.  We have some pretty rad Romper Room branded ones available for purchase made of a lightweight washable fabric. We may change this rule as things develop.

What should I bring to the gym?

Please come prepared to climb to minimize the use of the washrooms and other public space. Wear your climbing clothes, bring a harness, shoes, belay device, rope and a re-fillable water bottle. Our water fountain will not be in use at this time, but has been adapted to serve as a water bottle refill station.

Are you offering any courses?

We are temporarily suspending all belay and lead courses.

Are you renting gear?

Yes, we are renting Harnesses, shoes and belay devices at this time but not chalk bags.

How do we clean holds?

As you might imagine, it would take an incredible amount of people power to clean all the holds on the walls every day. In fact, it would be impossible. Because of this, climbing gyms in BC, including us, are instating stricter hygiene standards for climbers. This is why we ask all climbers to wash their hands prior to climbing, why we have installed multiple sanitizer stations and why we are asking people to wear masks. All holds are cleaned and sanitized before going on the walls.

Why can’t I wear street shoes on the wall?

We are doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of the virus and enforcing only climbing shoes on the wall will keep the wall and holds cleaner. This is also why we are not allowing climbing shoes in the bathroom.

Why can’t I use the water fountain?

The spread of the virus is through water droplets, so this is another way we are keeping people away from shared surfaces. The water station now accommodates filling your water bottle.