What is climbing all about anyways?

Rock climbing is a great way to exercise your body and mind. It provides an outlet for people to test their mental and physical abilities on an individual level. The feeling of personal accomplishment is one of the greatest reasons to come out and give it a try.

Is climbing indoors like climbing outdoors?

There are many similarities between climbing in the gym and climbing at the crag outdoors. Climbing indoors gives you the opportunity to advance your skills in a safe and controlled environment. Many outdoor climbers take advantage of the gym during the winter months to stay in shape. The movement, hand grips and body positions are the same as on real rock. The only things missing are the bad weather and rocks falling on your head.

Am I strong enough to enjoy rock climbing?

Climbing is enjoyed by people of all physical levels. Although climbing is a great way to get into shape, only a few of the climbers in the Romper Room can actually do a pull up. With proper training in technique climbers will be able to ascend most climbs with surprisingly little effort.

What happens if I am afraid of heights?

Fear of heights is a healthy fear but it shouldn't inhibit you from enjoying rock climbing. We've heard countless testaments of people who have learned to control or overcome their fear of heights through climbing. At the Romper Room there is no pressure to go any higher than you are comfortable with.

I don't have a climbing partner will I still be able to climb?

The climbing gym is a great place to meet new people. We pride ourselves on our clientel's openness and welcoming attitudes. Many long lasting partnerships have been made at the gym and that could be just the connection you need to kick-start your climbing career.