Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for new Belay Buddies!

What is a Belay Buddy?

A Belay Buddy belays for any booking we have (schools, birthday parties, taste sessions, group bookings, and the portable wall).

What do Belay Buddies get?

Belay Buddies work in exchange for climbing time. The day you belay, you can climb for free. Also, for each hour you belay, you get one day pass (e.g. 2 hours of belaying = 2 day passes). After you have 48 hours on your Belay Buddy card, you can buy a one year membership. With a one year membership, you will get paid for belaying.

How do I get Belay shifts?

We have bookings in almost every day. Please call in and ask us if we have any hours for the day you would like to belay, otherwise, we will call the other Belay Buddies on our list until we can find people who can fill the shift.

Is there anything else I need to know?

You must sign a Belay Buddy contract and read through our guidelines. We will then add you to our Belay Buddy contact list.